Precision Buffer
Precision Buffer

Precision Buffer

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The Product Is:

This professional-grade vegan concealer brush is a fan favorite. Designed to seamlessly blend powder, liquid and cream-based products, it features synthetic bristles and a hand-crafted Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood handle. It's a must-have for creating an air-brushed effect under the eyes and concealing blemishes.

Good For:

Even when you aren't feeling your best, a little makeup can lift your spirits.

  • How to Use: Use bristles to blend out makeup in small, precise areas.
    Tip: Use a buffing motion to cover larger areas with subtle imperfections. To cover more pronounced imperfections like a pimple or sun spot, dot concealer and then use tapping motions with the brush instead of buffing to maintain full coverage.
  • Ingredients: Vegan, synthetic bristles, Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood.

We're all about multi-tasking, and this brush also helps blend and buff eyeshadow or create a blurred, lived-in lipstick look.

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