Evelyn Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets
Evelyn Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets

Evelyn Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets

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The Product Is:

A duo of Evelyn bracelets pairing traditional patterns from Colombia's Caribbean coast with versatile colors in the softest and most comfortable of elastics. These use acupressure to provide fast, natural relief from nausea and vomiting.

Good For:

Easing chemo, post-chemo, and post-surgery nausea with comfort and color! Wear during chemo infusion itself to help ward off nausea, and during recovery. Blisslets can be put on before or after nausea starts.

  • Can be used before or after nausea starts. Mix and match with other Blisslets sets. Must wear on both wrists for effective relief.
  • Breathable materials that dry quickly after getting wet. Elastics contain natural rubber latex.
  • SIZING OPTIONS (by wrist circumference)Small: less than 5 5/8' | Medium: 5 5/8' - 6 5/8' | Large: 6 3/4' - 7 1/2'
  • Made in USA

First off, we love anything that can help bring drug free and side-effect free relief from chemo-induced nausea, so these "blisslets" are already ahead of the game. Then, add in the versatile style of the Evelyn bracelet's patterns, and we are ALL in.

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