Aromatherapy Oil Set
Aromatherapy Oil Set
Aromatherapy Oil Set
Aromatherapy Oil Set
Aromatherapy Oil Set
Aromatherapy Oil Set

Aromatherapy Oil Set

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Curious about aromatherapy but aren't sure where to start? This set includes three fundamental, thoughtfully-blended oils that provide invigorating, mood-boosting and calming benefits. Formulated with the highest-quality natural essential oils, each is designed to support emotional well-being based on what you're feeling at any given moment.

Good For:

The benefits of aromatherapy have been extensively proven, and this holistic approach represents a natural way to restore balance for your mind, body and mood.

  • How to Use: Apply to pulse points, temples, and chest. Breathe in and enjoy!
  • Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), proprietary blend of essential oils and absolutes.
  • This set includes:
    Enlivening Aromatherapy Oil: Grapefruit | Lemongrass | Tea Tree
    For focus and clarity of mind. This stimulating blend assists with concentration and inspires productivity. Use this oil for an immediate pick-me-up.
    Vitality Aromatherapy Oil: Jasmine | Sandalwood | Cardamom
    For spontaneity and inner-confidence. This romantic blend is purely enticing and sparks curiosity. Use this oil for a touch of spirit.
    Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil: Lavender | Blue Yarrow | Cypress
    For comfort and soothing exhaustion. This nurturing blend relieves nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue. Use this oil for a bit of repose.

Beyond their incredible benefits for our state of mind (whatever it may be), these aromatherapy oils double as perfume and have garnered countless compliments.

Always consult your personal healthcare professional before making decisions regarding your health and well being — including using any of the products on our website.

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