Making a Difference

Our charitable program embraces both the future and the present. We donate to organizations that fund the game-changing research aimed at making breast cancer a thing of the past, as well as those devoted to improving the patient’s breast cancer experience.

How We Give

Fertililty Preservation

Women shouldn’t have to choose between starting a family and beating breast cancer. Newly diagnosed patients have a quick decision to make about their fertility before treatment, and the unplanned cost of preservation can make it out of reach.

Integrative Therapy & Support

We’ve been on the receiving end of free integrative and support programs such as meditation, art therapy, yoga, sound healing, reiki, and patient education. We know how instrumental they can be, both physically and emotionally, on the path to healing.

Financial Assistance

The out-of-pocket expenses incurred during breast cancer can be challenging: from countless co-pays, to travel costs, to all the unexpected things you end up buying to support the journey. We’re dedicated to helping women gain access to the help they need.


Without research, there is no cure. Research is critical to improve treatment options, quality of life — and end breast cancer. Progress depends on investing in scientists who attack breast cancer from all angles.

Our Charitable Partners

Breast Cancer Research
Foundation (BCRF)

  • The highest-rated breast cancer research organization in the U.S.
  • Currently funds over 255 researchers in 14 countries
  • Established the Evelyn H. Lauder Founder’s Fund, an international program to unravel the biology of metastasis
  • 10-20% of sales from an exclusive collection of products on Stage will benefit BCRF. Shop Now

Other Giving

Stage donates 5% of our annual net proceeds to the following organizations:

The Chick Mission

  • Successfully drove legislative changes in 11 states requiring insurance coverage for patient fertility treatment costs
  • Helped 195 women preserve their fertility
  • Saved patients and their families up to $20K in expenses for a total of $2.6 million

Unite for HER

  • Provides $2,000 of integrative therapies and services at no personal cost to each patient
  • Treated over 10,000 women and distributed 75,000 integrated therapies
  • Distributed 4,000 nourishing, organic meals to patients (in partnership with Sun Basket)

Expect Miracles Foundation

  • Awarded over $3 million in grants to young adult survivors
  • Offered 500 grants to date, with an average grant of $1,600
  • Granted awards in 45 states