About Our Founder

As my treatment progressed, I read up on prevention tactics and factors that heighten women’s risks, like sustained stress, certain chemicals in beauty products, lack of sleep, failing to breastfeed before age 40, the list goes on! I grew frustrated. Why was I just learning about this now?! I began making some major lifestyle overhauls. These choices gave me a sense of power, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wished I’d known this before.

The next 18 months were filled with some ups, downs, and a single idea. After my final surgery, and my hair grew back, I felt more motivated than ever. I was grateful to have had the time and resources to focus on my mental and physical health during my breast cancer journey — and I had to pay it forward.
So I created Stage to empower women with everything they need to take on breast cancer with confidence, style and support. It’s a “one-stop shop” featuring everything from cool hair accessories, cozy loungewear, and luxe self-care, to home goods and gifts. It’s our passion to arm women with inspiring stories, treatment tips, lifestyle hacks and a community to connect with. We take endless information, Internet black holes, burning questions and shopping lists and curate exactly what you need on your journey so that you can focus on what really matters — beating this thing.
With love, kindness and a bit of sass,