Edith + Lucy Nausea Relief Bracelets
Edith + Lucy Nausea Relief Bracelets
Edith + Lucy Nausea Relief Bracelets

Edith + Lucy Nausea Relief Bracelets

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The Product Is:

Enjoy the benefits of natural nausea relief and a high-style arm party with these leather-topped bracelets. The water-resistant inner elastic layer uses acupressure to soothe your stomach before or after you start feeling funky, while the detachable leather outer bands make a statement in and of themselves.

Good For:

Ideal for minimizing nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments (as well as motion sickness, morning sickness and migraines), these bracelets can provide stomach-settling benefits in as little as five minutes without drugs or other unwanted side effects. (Just remember to wear them on both wrists for optimal results.)

  • Can be used before or after nausea starts. Mix and match with other Blisslets sets. Must wear on both wrists for effective relief.
  • Elastics contain natural rubber latex.
  • SIZING OPTIONS (by wrist circumference)Small: less than 5 5/8' | Medium: 5 5/8' - 6 5/8' | Large: 6 3/4' - 7 1/2'
  • Made in USA, China, and Colombia

Acupressure has never looked so good, and once you experience the natural nausea-relief benefits you'll want to mix and match these bracelets with other Blisslets to create a stack that's all your own. P.S. You'll want to wear these leather cuffs long after you complete treatment.

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