Rose Quartz Eye Mask
Rose Quartz Eye Mask
Rose Quartz Eye Mask
Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

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The Product Is:

Want a helping hand with puffy eyes, dark circles, discomfort due to eye strain or even sinus pressure—plus the benefits of rose quartz's love-promoting energy? This face mask is the ultimate in self-care, and helps enhance the absorption of any skincare products you layer beneath.

Good For:

For a DIY pampering and relaxing ritual, lie down in a comfortable position, place the mask over your eyes and focus on your breathing for 20 minutes.

  • Before or after using, make sure to wash your Rose Quartz Eye Mask with soapy water + lay down flat to air dry.
  • Rose quartz

Make the most of this mask by storing it in the fridge, and use it before bedtime to promote deeper sleep.

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